How to limit your diabetes rate through sport ?

Physical activity helps the body's glucose consumption. During a sports session, an hour of gardening, a walk, the muscles use up glucose, which can lower your blood level. In the case of type 1 diabetes, the operation often allows you to reduce your insulin doses. But how can you control your diabetes by doing sport ?

Sport as an effective way to control diabetes

It is imperative that you reintegrate physical activities into your routine. You need to think about taking the stairs instead of the lift and relearn how to walk short and even medium distances. This is an important factor in checking the blood sugar in your body. With no physical activity, blood sugar levels rise. One specific circumstance demonstrates this well, travelling in an aeroplane. Therefore, physical activity can reduce the level in the blood. Online you can learn more about topics related to pre-diabetes.

How to prevent hypoglycaemia ?

Scheduling exercise and self-monitoring your blood sugar before, during and after exercise, i.e. 15 minutes and then an hour later at the end of exercise, is essential to know how the body reacts depending on the exercise, its duration, its liveliness, but regularly what you have eaten in the two hours following. It is very encouraging to see that blood sugar levels drop after exercise. Adapted physical activity establishments offer a therapeutic education circuit to teach how to manage the risk of hypoglycaemia and to enjoy the activity.

Sport and insulin :

During physical activity, the muscles consume a lot of glucose, as their needs rise. According to complicated, yet indisputable mechanisms, the operation of insulin is more intense. The equivalent amount of insulin will have a greater impact during a period of sport than during a period of normal activity. For these two reasons, patients may be at risk of hypoglycaemia. To prevent this hypoglycaemia, they should eat more starchy foods and reduce the dose of insulin during the exercise and afterwards. For a moderate exercise, the dose should be reduced by 20%. For very intense activity, with the tests of top athletes, the dose can be reduced by up to 50%. If you still want your body to be healthy, it is advisable to exercise every day. For a diabetic man, sport should be part of his lifestyle. It can lower the blood sugar level in his body, because physical activity burns the sugar in his system.
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